Hayling Island (North #1), Hampshire – 2013, Sandstone Paving

Sandstone Paving Project

In this Sandstone Paving Project the existing patio was too small for it’s intended use, as an outdoor dining and entertainment area. The client requested that the existing area was enlarged and extended from the rear elevation of the house, between the french doors of the living area and the single door of the kitchen. The existing straight lines and uniform appearance was to be transformed, with free-flowing curves, to give a more organic nature to the scheme. Pathways to either side of the detached property were to be incorporated into the overall paving scheme and in addition to this a newly created stone circle seating area was to be installed, in a corner of the garden where the evening sun could be enjoyed.


Garden prior to commencement of works


As the job progressed, it became clear that the curve flowing from the main patio area should continue round and up to the newly created stone circle area. This accentuated the organic nature of the paving scheme, as the connecting path came close to an existing flower bed, minor alterations were required for this to remain and help soften the hard-line of the fence beyond. A manhole cover (that was hidden beneath a sculpted evergreen shrub) required alterations, in order that it was low enough to be hidden beneath a recessed lid.


Work underway – stone circle installed, manhole cover height reduced, main patio area from lounge.

The finished result is a wonderfully useable space, with the patio area thoughtfully increased, without encroaching too far into the lawn and surrounding borders. Further work is required to bring the lawn up to level and full health, and the possible reduction in the border depth.


Work Complete – Paving jointed and cleaned.

Project outcome:

The hard landscaping element of the garden underwent a complete transformation, so much so that the client requested a new turf lawn be installed next spring, to eradicate the existing weed infestation and undulation.