Portsmouth, Hampshire – 2013

The customer lives in a terrace house in Portsmouth with a small enclosed back garden. The existing garden had a small lawn and some flower borders. The home owner has two small children who like to play in the garden, but would drag mud into the house. The brief was to create a courtyard outside entertainment area and a space free from mud to save on carpet cleaning.


The existing garden level was high compared to the house. So it had to be reduce dug to allow the sub-base to be installed. The property had no rear access, so all spoils and aggregates had to be bumped (wheelbarrowed) through the house and any excavation was completed by hand. The garden area was walled on three sides with the house on the fourth creating a completely enclosed space, so any rain water had nowhere to go. A covered gully drain was installed to divert rainwater into the existing storm drainage.


Indian sandstone flags were bedded onto the sub-base to complete the courtyard feel.